Words & Photos by Joe Calixto

Do I really need to intro this? Probs not coz you’ve probably heard about this festival in some form or shape. Day 1 of When We Were Young festival was summed up in one word. Morrissey. Thousands of obvious Morrissey fans gathered at The Observatory grounds for the first day of WWWY fest where they anxiously await for Moz to perform.

But we’re not here to talk about him. The day was packed with incredible acts. Getting the festival started was Bay Area punks and last minute addition, From First To Last… ermmm… I mean, Culture Abuse. Who pretty much got the show going.

Keeping with the theme of the festival as being a huge “throwback,” the day featured bands like Senses Fail (who just wrapped up a 15 year anniversary tour), The Moving Units, Streetlight Manifesto, David Bazan, Alkaline Trio, Set Your Goals, AFI and of course how can I forget the greatest band to have ever existed… ever, The Get Up Kids.

But the festival didn’t limit themselves to some throwback emo bands. Also throughout the day, some kinda/new/younger-ish bands grazed the two main stages: Balance and Composure, Plague Vendor, Joyce Manor, my new favorite band The Regrettes, Beach Fossil, Cage The Elephant and soooooo many more.

It was definitely a good mix of different music and different crowds. It was literally like a huge high school cafeteria but you had to pay to get in and they only served vegan food.

Speaking of vegan food, the festival was meatless in respect to Morrissey’s long standing support on animal rights. So mad respect to the vendors and the festival coordinators.

The night ended with Morrissey stepping on stage and playing, quoting my friend on this, “the best hour and a half set he’s ever seen Morrissey play.”

Some photos from the fest below.

Click here to see more photos from DAY 1

“You sit there in your heartache waiting on some beautiful boy to save your from your old ways.”

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