Wilderness Dream
Paralysis Rise EP
(Creator-Destructor Records)

On Paralysis Rise, Bay Area collective Wilderness Dream have enhanced their form of nihilist, riffy death/crossover destruction on this second release. While their self-titled EP contained bits of melodic punk and black metal, the band’s style is now closer to Gatecreeper, Black Breath, or Nails than Toxic Holocaust. That said, while a lot of groups in this 90s death revival space are all about punishing extremity, Paralysis Rise is a decidedly hooky and neck-snapping affair. The numerous dual-guitar leads and riffs are a real treat and give each song their own sense of identity. The songs themselves mostly stay in the “fast and the furious” (save for a few parts of the excellent “Spiritual Predator”), so the consistently engaging guitarwork is quite welcome.

This isn’t particularly innovative, but when it comes to delivering a staggeringly high “devil horn moments per minute” ratio, few albums will reach the level of Paralysis Rise. This is all-caps METAL, through and through, and sometimes that’s all you need for success. Wilderness Dream’s sophomore EP is sure to go down as one of the purest forms of metallic fun in 2017.

Purchase the album here: Bandcamp | Physical

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