For a band that traffics in measured, unhurried riffage, Richmond’s Windhand​ ​have moved awfully quickly over the last few years. Founded in 2009, the quintet has been making waves since the release of their 2010 practice-space demo, a two-track CD that garnered the band comparisons to artists like Electric Wizard, The Devil’s Blood and Black Sabbath.

After Soma (2013) and Grief’s​ ​Infernal​ ​Flower (2015), in 2018, Windhand​ ​are beginning a new era of gloom and grief, teaming up with Herndon, Virginia’s Satan’s Satyrs for an amp-worshipping, acid trip from hell on this split release via Relapse Records.

Windhand​ convey an irrepressible sense of motion even within the slowest of songs. Dorthia Cottrell firmly establishes herself as one of the best vocalists of the genre by perfectly balancing beauty with enormous power, and Garrett Morris’ guitar attacks weave together songs made of perfect riffs and fuzzed-out bliss. Windhand have always maintained an interesting balance between the smoky sounds of stoner doom and the haunting yet accessible melodies of grunge. This band is the oppressive force that drew you to explore the darkest corner of metal music. The first track, “Old Evil,” starts with the guitar duo of Garrett Morris and Asechiah Bogdan, who fuzz their way in with an undeniably Windhand riff, under the spell of Dorthia Cottrell’s bewitching vocals. “Three Sisters” is gloomy and dark and hypnotizes the listener like the melody of a siren’s lure. Every song from this band is a masterpiece, and that’s the reason why Windhand​ is one of the best doom metal bands of our time.

After the third song, in which slow sonorities leave space for Satan’s Satyrs’ devilish, fuzz-drenched metal/punk, “Alucard AD 2018,” “Succubus” and “Ain’t That Lovin’ You, Baby” are high octane-fueled romps through sleazy biker bars and the heavy psych of the 60′s, performed with staggering rawness and ferocity. After “Don’t Deliver Us,” their last full-length, Satan’s Satyrs return with three new songs that take the sixties punk/beat rock formula into newer, more ear shattering sound. The songs themselves roar out of the speakers with a punk-inspired, brisk and energetic pace. Satan’s Satyrs deliver, once again, some of the most infectiously evil grooves, recommended for fans of The Hellacopters, Butthole Surfers and Blue Cheer.

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