Trap the Witch
(Hells Headbangers)

From the get go, Witchtrap circles around you with a thrashing introduction, and pulls you right into the high speed frenzy of their music.

The name of the first song on this album is called “Lemmy”, and lemmie’ tell you, “49% motherfucker, 51% son of a bitch” doesn’t even tell you half the story about how cool this song is. What a kick ass rager.

“Power of The Maul” has one of the most ear catching and hardest riffs I’ve heard in the last ten years of thrash metal. This is why I love how much more this style has to offer. It’s pretty good when a genre can continue to stay relevant and cool after thirty years, and thrash is finally one of those that have hit at that area where you can clearly see that it’s survived and found a corner embedded in modern American culture. “Power of The Maul” grabs you by the throat, kicks you in the chest, and drags you along the meat grinder of a fresh thrash mid tempo pummeler. If you’re down for headbanging, you will probably play this track multiple times.

From track to track, Witchtrap offers a heavy dose of killer metal from South America. You can feel the evil from the black metal tombs pulsating in sweltering hot tropical heat, completely packed with the speed metal frenzy sounds like Canada at its prime. Hell’s Headbangers are definitely contributing with this re-release of one of last year’s finest albums.

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