Following Bad Weather (2016), Jayden Seeley (vocalist/bassist) had trouble finding inspiration and time for writing, overwhelmed by the band’s busy schedule. However, it would appear that, despite such challenges, the band came together in the end, making Love and Loathing an even stronger collection than their popular debut.

The opening track (and single), “That Something,” launches the new release with a confident ease, oozing an upbeat and contagious melody. The record then goes on to make this a trend, with tracks “Sing to Me,” “The Turnaround,” and “Tails” all echoing a similar carefree attitude.

When slowing things down (“Bruise” and “Paquerette (Without Me)”), the band especially shines with a beautiful sincerity; though, to be fair, the same could be said when they proceed to issue a more angst-like approach (“Icarus” and “Jaded”).

Though the formula here is one very familiar to the genre, Love and Loathing shows several faces, all of which are desirable. The album, like the one before it, is a great ride worth taking again and again. With Confidence has held up their end in being named a top band to watch, so take notice if you haven’t already.

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