The members of Within The Nova have done something definitely noteworthy on their new release, Infinite Cycles. The band’s clean vocalist, Diana Pascutiu, has a soaring sound that makes the jagged melodies of the metalcore music feel like they’ve been given a truly fresh treatment. Her vocals contrast with those of the the band’s unclean vocalist, Akos Mondovici, interestingly. The music feels at times like it’s metalcore given a certain European, maybe black or folk metal touch — which is fitting, considering the band is from Europe.

Overall, the music maintains an interesting texture, with the smooth textures of the electronic effects that pepper the album contrasting with the jagged melodies of the guitarwork. Even though they’re not “pure,” the band manages a remarkable display of heaviness in their music, which is remarkably energetic throughout.

They’ve managed to stay away from letting the effects take over and be the main voice in the music, with their effects being more to keep you on your figurative toes while you’re listening to the album. Thematically, the band is ambitious, exploring the interplay between the person and the societal machine in the present age. Various songs touch on various aspects of this concept. The concept itself is something that’s been taken on so many times, so every time that a new band takes it on, the music could go one of two ways – it could be overly aloof and esoteric, or it could be something that the listener can connect with. Within The Nova’s music falls into the latter category.

The band members make their opinions on the matter clear on the album. They bemoan our lives being consumed by “the machine” and think that people should be more trusting of themselves. Really, it’s hard to argue with.

Does obvious messaging like the kind that’s on Infinite Cycles fit in the metalcore music scene? Of course it does; that kind of man against the machine mentality is so much of what the metalcore scene is about. It gives artists whose messages or styles might not fit in the mainstream a place to belong. In such being the case, the members of Within The Nova have positioned themselves on a chain of musicians that stretches back through the history of modern alternative heavy music. That chain is important to untold numbers of people’s personal development, indicated by moments like when on the track called “Infinity,” the band exhorts you, “Trust in the fire from within!”

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