Within Reach’s new EP, The Art of Skepticism, consists of metalcore that is beautifully melodic but also stirringly heavy. It’s the kind of stuff that makes you want to mosh and just sit back and listen. It’s not breakdown overloaded; rather, it maintains an air of melody that makes it feel interesting and unique. Vocals don’t even begin on the first track until over half a minute of music has passed; there’s a strong sense of the music being strong on its own here, without necessarily relying on the vocals.

The band feels well developed on their new EP, which feels well produced. There is a strong sense that they fit well in the modern metalcore landscape; even if they’re not the biggest band, they have something to say thematically and musically that makes them a voice to be heard – and a band that would no doubt be engaging live. On their track “Beetlejuice,” the band takes on the topic of someone spiraling out of control into self-destruction under the circumstances of an opiate addiction, the likes of which claim staggering amounts of lives in the U.S. each year. The band takes on the subject of opiate addiction maturely; they’re not doing it just to be “edgy.” It’s something that has to be addressed, and it’s imbued with a personal aspect on The Art of Skepticism.

The Art of Skepticism is one of those metalcore releases that you hear that feels like it is representative of perfecting the craft rather than of some vast musical breakthrough. There is plenty of musical ground that has already been discovered but not fully charted, so to speak, and that’s where a band like Within Reach fits in. The band has a firm grasp of their craft.

They’re not at all corny; they’re mature and listenable. The Art of Skepticism has moments that are more “brutal” than others, with a nice interplay between clean and unclean vocals. Neither the clean nor the unclean vocals are too extreme. Rather, they combine to round out an all around accessible metalcore band that deserves underground metalcore fans’ attention. The songs will stick with you if you let them.

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