Xiu Xiu

If you’ve been following the saga that is Xiu Xiu, you know all too well to abandon all expectations, as the constantly changing outfit (Jamie Stewart is the only permanent member) will never run the same course, and choose to be experimental in the most unpredictable ways. If you’re new to the band but are aware of their reputation, you might be surprised to find FORGET as classifiable art-pop, where blissful synth-pop is in peak form, and noise and melody meet at a place that will be accessible to not just the most liberal of ears. Of course, there’s many sides to the listen that aren’t straightforward, as things get dark and cryptic, bringing to mind styles of goth, dream-pop and chaotic glam rock that often reveals truths about human nature that we’d rather keep covered up. An album nothing short of bizarre and ominous, but ultimately more universal than much of their work, the influence of Deerhoof and Swans members that were involved makes this a highlight in the Xiu Xiu catalog.

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