Photos by Josh Vega

In support of their “Back Again Tour 2019” You Me At Six took to the stage at The Glass House in Pomona California on March 10, 2019. Joining them for this tour were acts such as Machineheart and Dreamers; each act contributing their own diverse, but still upbeat sound to the tour.

Throughout the night each band delivered kept each member of the audience engaged. Machineheart brought their heavy and poppy drums, whereas Dreamers supplied their songs about partying, falling in love and capturing the energy of being young.

Once You Me At Six took the stage, the crowd exploded in applause and cheered eagerly for the band to deliver their groovy, and dance-centric riffs. As expected, the band didn’t disappoint. Once each member was settled in, You Me At Six opened with their song “Fast Forward” and then right into “Lived A Lie.”

You Me At Six’s fast and bouncy guitar filled music set a pace throughout the set, keeping their audience full of energy and keeping singer, Josh Franceschi’s dialogue in between songs short and sweet. Throughout their 45-minute to an hour long set, Franceschi kept the audience engaged by interacting with the crowd, danced and jumped around on stage, and even encouraged the audience to dance around and even at one point had everyone crouch down and get low so they can jump and bounce around to the music. Guitarist Matt Barnes also contributed to the fun singing to the crowd, grooving and interacting with band mates when possible.

You Me At Six’s “Back Again” Tour was proven to be a fun time for anyone coming to dance, sing along, or just enjoy their music. Opening acts such as Machineheart and Dreamers each brought a unique sound while still maintaining striking coherent chord with fans of You Me At Six can enjoy. The audience of the Glasshouse in Pomona California came for a high energy, dance-filled night, and each band did not disappoint.

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