The famed neoexpressionist Philip Guston once said in a documentary, What I’m always seeking is some great simplicity where the whole thing is just there. Inspired by this statement, Young Jesus laid everything bare on this most recent album.

Young Jesus’ record, The Whole Thing Is Just There, released through Saddle Creek, is a sonic journey filled with twists and turns.  A fusion of indie familiarity and  unpredictable arrangements matched with sincere lyrics and a vulnerable narrative give this album an edge.

The first track, “Deterritory,” lures the listener in with a heavy base line and hints of synth layered throughout, then quickly transitions to a slightly faster-paced instrumental display of the band’s multifaceted talents. John Rossiter, singer and guitarist, shows his roots in the Chicago emo/post-rock scene in terms of lyricism and playing. His bandmates explore new depths by bringing elements of jazz and improvisation to the album.  

Engaging and dynamic, The Whole Thing Is Just There is a perfect album for the upcoming season.

Purchase the album here.

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