Youth Salute
(Spoken Records UK)

UK outfit Youth Salute mix together indie rock influences with hard rock on their new EP Carve. The Cumbria based band tantalize with a dramatic swoop for hope as they play with a sense of authority. Their sound also manages to send pulses of excitement through uninspired minds, creating a spark of energy. And the band tap into different formulas on Carve, a record that will suit the hardened listener and the disenchanted followers who walk through the alleyways to gain some optimism from the other-side.

The musicianship is stellar on Carve too. The melding of the instrumentals with the lyrics work smoothly, fused with a great understanding. This stems from an erratic shift in sound. And when listening on, it becomes clear the band know they’ve clicked and secured a great future.

Carve begins with ‘‘Daze’’. It’s a great, atmospheric start to a commanding record. It sets the tone, with a razor-sharp guitar sequence structured brilliantly behind the vocals. The song then falls into a fit of rage and the drumming backs that wholeheartedly. ‘‘Four Arms’’ begins with a punk edge, naturally flourishing as it goes on. The precise guitar strokes work expertly with the dash of vocals and alarming lyrical play.

Youth Salute are on a grand rise. Their sound is complex and original. They should shoot for the stars.

Purchase the album here: iTunes | Physical

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