An NYC outfit spearheaded by brothers Brandon and Griffin Lotti, Zr. King (Zoctor King) find themselves in a unique position with their powerful and energetic formula that takes from the 60s as well as the early 90s and beyond. 

This sophomore album gets off to a rowdy start with the searing guitar work and pounding drums of “Welcome To Bearizona,” an anthemic rocker anchored by plenty of raw melody, while “Don’t Call Me On Saturday” is a feisty, alt-rocker with giant hooks and nods to classic rock where organs and guitar solos are in attendance.

The band continue this energy all the way through the listen with the crunchy appeal of “Ships In The Night,” where parallels to Helmet and Queens Of The Stone Age aren’t hard to spot, and they’re far from transparent, as “Telamon (The Greater),” an eight-minute opus with unique time signatures and a cinematic quality, clearly illustrates. 

With some new members and a reinvigorated spirit, Zr. King are all about rock ‘n ‘roll on this first effort in half a decade where strong riffage, strategic fuzz, sharp songwriting, and a really memorable delivery warrant repeated listens.

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