Album Review: Agnostic Front – “The American Dream Died”

Agnostic Front
The American Dream Died
(Nuclear Blast Records)

It takes more than just your basic, run-of-the-mill anti-authority anthems to hold my attention these days, so I was initially skeptical going into the latest effort from NYC hardcore legends Agnostic Front (their first album in four years and eleventh overall). While there still might be some generic stuff that fits that description here (“Police Violence,” for example), the majority of the record is straight-forward, hard-hitting material, with some tracks sure to become crowd favorites (“Never Walk Alone” and “Just Like Yesterday” both instantly come to mind). Other highlights include “Only in America,” which addresses the treatment of veterans in our very own backyard. Clearly Roger Miret and company are still as passionate about their beliefs as they ever were, and show little sign they’ll be throwing in the towel anytime soon. (Jesse Striewski)

Purchase The American Dream Died here.

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