Album Review: Alkaline Trio – Blood, Hair, And Eyeballs


Alkaline Trio have ended their six-year drought, finally putting out an entire LP of new music. And while on the surface six years is not terribly long between records for Alkaline Trio, their last couple of offerings have been so consistently great, the waiting seemed even longer this go round. They have more than made up for the wait with Blood, Hair, And Eyeballs, another stellar offering of wildly enjoyable creepy goth pop punk—a genre the band has dominated for decades.

Like all their previous records, the album is a beautifully creepy melding of The Misfits, The Cure, and Green Day, carrying on a storied tradition of blood, zombies, and twisted love songs, backed by a powerful tight rhythm section, sharp distorted guitars, and the most uniquely superb vocals since Morrisey and the Smoking Popes’ Josh Caterer. Songs like the title track and “Broken Down In A Time Machine” are some of the best the band has recorded in years.

Thematically, the record is pretty much in line with most of their previous records: love and heartfelt devotion coming from a cold black heart. The melodies here are as tight as the lyrics are darkly humorous. Essentially, it’s everything an Alkaline Trio fan has come to love about the band.

As for the album’s title, singer/guitarist Matt Skiba says, “My mom worked for years as an emergency room nurse. She and her co-workers referred to exceptionally busy nights as ‘blood, hair, and eyeballs.’” For the first time since the band started in the mid-‘90s, they built the songs for this album collectively, with everyone in the same room.

Recorded by Cameron Webb (who has worked with everyone from Danzig to Kelly Clarkson), the album also marks the last one with longtime drummer Derek Grant who has been with the band for the past two decades. This is a hell of a high note for Grant to go out on.

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