Album Review: And So I Watch You From Afar – “Heirs”

And So I Watch You From Afar
(Sargent House)

And So I Watch You From Afar is a tough sell because they take the technical proficiency of math rock and add in a post-rock songwriting dynamic. I mean, it will be a hit with those that love both genres (for the most part), but it’s difficult to combine something known for cold technicality with something known for beauty and warmth. The results across the albums have been mixed to poor. The band’s talent and general songwriting ability have never been the question. Instead, this brainy brand of music feels super smart and incredibly vapid. It’s the musical equivalent of an empty smile.

Actually, with the group’s next bout of buoyant rock, the band remind me of a better comparison. And So I Watch You From Afar is the musical version of Wes Anderson. Both artists have a great attention to detail, and the music they make is utterly beautiful. However, despite this adoration of form, the results can get a tad boring. Both lack substance and something to tether you and stick with you after it’s over. Sure, The Grand Budapest Hotel has gorgeous cinematography, but it’s not an all-time great movie (sorry fans). Similarly, And So I Watch You From Afar have continued to grow with each release, making strides here and there and honing in on their craft. It’s difficult to deny that Heirs is a well-crafted listen. Unfortunately for those looking for great music, Heirs is technically accomplished and, technically, boring. (Nicholas Senior)

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