Album Review – Angel Du$t – Brand New Soul


In classic Angel Du$t fashion, on their latest release Brand New Soul, the band deliver an eruption of sounds and styles with the ability to overstimulate any ill-prepared listener who casually steps into their sonic universe. The album offers up new additions from the band while staying in the realm of envelope pushing punk rock music that is sure to incite intrigue and a whole lot of movement (be it dancing, moshing, whatever feels right.)

On this record, the drums show up bold and in your face, while virtuosic guitar riffs and solos are the life of the party, and grooving bass lines add a surging heartbeat to the mix. Sonically, the album is a chaotic and animated force that isn’t afraid to inject itself into your personal space. For the most part, the album is loud and rambunctious, yet also has its gentler, more pop and alternative leaning moments, on tracks such as “I’m Not Ready,” that offer a nice balance to the project’s entirety. 

The band play around with electronic distortion, as well as the addition of unexpected instrumentation with cowbell, wood blocks, hand drums, and even saxophone. As much as the album reads as aggressive and energetic, that impression is matched with one of playfulness. It’s evident that the band had fun creating and recording the record, which pays off in the entertaining experience created for the listener. 

While at times the lyrics can feel a bit corny, like the comical repeated chanting of “let’s go” on the track “Racecar,” it possesses a self awareness that makes even the most laughable moments enduring. The band isn’t afraid to at times be a little funny, to get a little weird. They are unabashedly themselves, which makes the songs that more likable. 

Brand New Soul is an addition to the Angel Du$t discography that just makes sense-it’s upbeat, fast paced, and filled with a captivating amount of confidence from the musicians behind it. While perhaps not occupying a space of immense impressiveness from the band, at the end of the day, it’s a fun record that’s sure to liven up the mundanity of life.

Listen to the album here.

Photo courtesy of Angel Du$t

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