Album Review: Bad Cop / Bad Cop – “Not Sorry”

Bad Cop / Bad Cop
Not Sorry
(Fat Wreck Chords)

On their debut full length, San Francisco’s Bad Cop / Bad Cop just made good on all the promises from last year’s stellar Boss Lady 7”.

Like a mix of Masked Intruder and a cockier version of The Go-Go’s, Not Sorry is a baker’s dozen of addictively catchy, whip smart, three-minute punk rock ditties. Tracks like the charming break up drinking song “Cheers” and the gleefully snide fighting song “Rip You to Shreds,” have such a timeless appeal that you can almost hear fans singing along to these anthems decades from now.

They may only have a few minutes per song, but manage to make the most of it, cramming each with sharp hooks, jackhammer drumming and lyrics that give their label mates in MI a run for their money.

With Not Sorry, Bad Cop / Bad Cop just proved their debut EP wasn’t just a fluke and that they were just getting started. (John B. Moore)

Purchase Not Sorry here.

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