Album Review: The Barstool Preachers – “One Fool Down”

The Barstool Preachers
One Fool Down 7”
(Pirates Press/Randale)

Two songs from the U.K. punks with an affinity for ska, “One Fool Down” is an uptempo punk’n’roll tune not unlike mid-period Social Distortion with gritty guitar work and a straight forward, timeless appeal. The B-Side, “Own Worst Enemy”, is reminiscent of an Op Ivy tune played at 33rpm, where organs and horns really punctuate the strength of the song, making it hard to imagine anyone with an ear for ska not enjoying it. Completing the package here is a clever die cut layout and several colors of wax available, though it would surprise me if many copies of this gem are left. (Tom Haugen)

Purchase One Fool Down 7” here.

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