Album Review: BASTARÐUR- Satan’s Loss of Self

This album was conceived as a death metal album back in 2018, but as it was being written, crust punk influences were increasingly infused into the project. The album has the scorched earth intensity, and the frayed edges of a Leftover Crack song like Clear Channel, bringing a death metal intensity. Bastardur drops the punk snear and irony for an all-out assault. 

Bastardur’s Satans Loss of Son is releasing October 29 on Season of Mist. The album is ragged, fast, and melodic as all hell. It’s a really fun listen. I don’t feel too shunted through compressors and EQs in the mix. The guitars have a lot of breathing room. The low end grind is big and satisfying, helping the solos and riffs to leap from the mix like flames from a warehouse fire. 

The songs do what I want them to do, i.e. give me badass riffs to knock my head to and killer solos to go, “Woah, that was sick!” to. The guitar work on this album is spectacularly fantastic for its maniacal ferocity.

The drums feel overly repetitious, if sterile. Credited to Birgir Jónsson, though half the time I found myself wondering if the drums were samples. Played in a feverish cut time that drives everything to a redline, or in a marching halftime that just commands you to stank-face and headbang. 

All in all, it’s a great record. Well worth the time. Especially if you’re looking for something intense that still maintains a more hardcore sense of breadth, something that isn’t as clamped down as as modern metal can be. No clicky kicks. Of hyper compressed guitars. Just full force battle. 

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