Album Review: BAT – “Cruel Discipline”

Cruel Discipline 7” EP
(Hells Headbangers)

BAT returns with an all too short EP! To compensate for its inadequate and disappointing seven inches, the package is well enhanced with cards and lyrics and titillating art, and an irresistibly bold red color. BAT is the bastard love child of ex-DRI drummer, Felix Griffin and Municipal Waste’s, Ryan Waste, on Bass and vocals. After over three years of teasing the idea, 2013’s Primitive Age. Getting Volture’s Nick Poulos on guitar added depth. Hell’s Headbangers and BAT produce one hell of a waxy slab here.

Two songs here revel in lewd lyrics and blistering beats. The Satanic sonic mastery is laced with sardonic odes to the Devil’s business. Unapologetic in verse and in volume, homage is paid to Venom and Motorhead. Having so many years in iconic thrash-crossover, Felix summons the speed and skill that defined DRI’s successive classic albums; Dealing With It, Crossover, 4 of a Kind, Thrashzone. Ryan Waste continues his high-caliber riff montages of melding thrash, punk, hardcore and crossover. His time in Volture is apparent as he and Poulos punch through these two tracks with synchronicity honed by years of playing together.

The speed matches the bullets on members’ belts. The punishment matches the intended lashings of the booty-swollen dominatrix illustrated on the cover. The black and white illustration reflects the simplicity of their demonic rock and roll, genre names be cast aside. The extras in the package mirror the quality and effort executed by these vets. The riffs are as sharp as the bottom of a pentagram. The red vinyl pulsates as your vein will, when you raise an invisible orange to the cursed heavens without kitschy irony. (Hutch)

RIYL: Venom, Poison Idea, Midnight, Nekrofilth, Nun Slaughter, Cryptic Slaughter

Purchase Cruel Discipline here.

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