Album Review: Beardfish – “+4626-Comfortzone”

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Swedish prog rock band Beardfish are one of the more successful retro prog acts. The band’s upcoming eigth release, +4626-Comfortzone, feels like it contains all that you’d expect from the band. It has long, drawn-out songs; shorter, catchier numbers, and a wealth of impressive musicianship. In fact, one quick listen to the album will reveal why so many are drawn to the odd Swedish group. Beardfish, in many ways, feels like the quintessential prog band. They sound like how you’d imagine the more coherent portions of Woodstock would’ve sounded.

However, that doesn’t mean all is sunny. Beardfish has always felt more talented than interesting, more impressive than enjoyable, and, unfortunately, the group’s latest release doesn’t dispel that notion. Despite all that is going on in the record, it’s easy to get lost during +4626-Comfortzone, though not in a good way. The music feels aimless and lacking a cohesive nature. It’s another disappointing listen from these Swedish prog giants. Most prog fans will surely be impressed by any if all of the songs on the album, but they lack that certain something that makes it difficult to truly enjoyable and memorable. (Nicholas Senior)

Purchase +4626-Comfortzone here.

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