Album Review: Bedemon – “Child of Darkness”

Child of Darkness
(Relapse Records)

This haunting, borderline diabolical collection of archival material from Pentagram offshoot act Bedemon, recorded in the ‘70s, sounds like it came directly out of hell. The sound quality is downright gritty and raw, which only ads to the eerie, atmospheric vibe that is given off throughout. Songs like “Serpent Venom,” “Frozen Fear,” and the title track contain such dark, menacing undertones it’s nearly impossible not to be taken by their strange-yet-undeniable allure. Make no mistake about it; Bedemon is definitely not for the faint of heart. But those drawn to the likes of early Black Sabbath or Saint Vitus should find some pleasure from this nightmarish listening experience. This is doom metal at its absolute finest. (Jesse Striewski)

Purchase Child of Darkness here.

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