Album Review: The Black Clouds – “Photograph”

The Black Clouds
Photograph [Promo Tour CD]

This rocking band from New Jersey has released a teaser of their upcoming album and what a teaser it is! This EP has three great new songs from Dan Matthews (vocals/guitar), Neil Hayes (guitar/vocals), Gary Moses (bass/vocals), and Cory King (drums/vocals).

Starting off with “Photograph,” not the Def Leppard song, but a tight and blazing song of their own that sends shivers down your spine and gets the adrenaline pumping with its killer groove and dirty playing. The vocals throughout these three songs are gritty and perfectly suit the feel of the album. The next two songs are equally amazing and just are a delight to hear. I really had no expectation going into this review, but these guys just blew me away with the blistering guitar playing, riffy, but not wanky, pounding drums, and the fat bass. The songs all have a groove that you can bang your head to, but you can also get up and dance to them as well, especially on “Vice,” a song that is catchy as hell.

I need to hear more of this band and you will too, just put this on and let the rock mixed a punk edge take hold of you and throttle you one in the throat. Find this… get this… love this! (Rick Ecker)

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