Album Review: Blood Incantation- Timewave Zero

Blood Incantation has always been known for their spacey, otherworldly take on metal, but with their new full-length album Timewave Zero they have stripped all the metallic elements away and have left only the deep alien sounds of synthesizers. It is broken up into eight movements of meditative ambient music that tends to move ever slowly across your ears and into your mind.

With an A and a B side, the record moves seamlessly among movements, the only indication a new one has begun being a change in phrasing or the introduction of a new sound. The second movement on the Io side of the album has a subtle rhythm that encompasses the whole track. There are string sounds and a hypnotic loop in movement three. Movement four is a gorgeous display of angelic sounds over the top of brooding low-end.

Blood Incantation – Timewave Zero (Full Album) – YouTube

The second side of Timewave Zero, which is called Ea, is more eventful and melodic than the first. The first movement bobs endlessly with a modulated melody that goes in and out of intensity. Then it slows down. The second and third movement begin a phrase of composition that is as full of space as much as it has intricacies.

There is a notable guitar passage and synth string melody. The looped melodies are reinterpreted and reused in the next few movements, begging the listener to fall deeper into a trance as the melody fades out ever so slowly. The album swirls into a lo-fi incarnation of the last few movements before delaying out into the ether.

With Timewave Zero, Blood Incantation proves that they are a force to be reckoned with. Not only can they produce some of the hardest-hitting progressive, atmospheric, and brutal metal hitting the scene, but they are also capable of providing space, mood, and dynamics. One can only hope that the band continues to integrate all these genres to create a more cohesive and unique take on spacey metal music.

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