Album Review: Borealis – “Purgatory”

(AFM Records)

Borealis are master craftsmen at creating powerful melodic metal. If you are seeking something new and refreshing in that category, then look no further than what Borealis has to offer on Purgatory. If you are an old fan of this Canadian prog act, you won’t be disappointed, at all.

Borealis write very fluid songs. Their music flows nicely without following any standard structures, and covers many different styles. Songs like “My Peace” and “Destiny” are really powerful. Vocalist Matt Marnilli has quite the task ahead of him, and he fulfills it well each time. Matt is collaborating with exceptionally skilled musicians in Borealis, like Michael Brigulio, who is just a stunning guitar player, yet neither one outshines the other.

The album has quite the solid selection of songs, so there aren’t any weak points. (Metal Nick)

Purchase Purgatory here. 

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