Album Review: Bowling For Soup – “Songs That People Actually Liked”

Bowling For Soup
Songs That People Actually Liked
(Brando Records)

I definitely don’t claim to be a Bowling For Soup aficionado by any means, but over the years they’ve made enough catchy songs and humorous music videos to render them “okay” in my book. It’s almost hard to believe they’ve been around long enough already to chronicle their first ten years in the form of a “best of” compilation, but somehow they’ve reached that point. Volume 1 showcases the band’s earlier efforts (eighteen songs in all), spanning from 1994 to 2003, and already established fans should need no introduction here. But for those less familiar with their music, I suppose this is a good place to start. It’s doubtful Bowling For Soup will likely go down as one of the greatest rock bands of our time in the history books, but in the world of pop-punk, they’re high up on the ladder in their own right; this collection only helps to solidify that.
(Jesse Striewski)

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