Album Review: Broadside – Hotel Bleu


Broadside made a splash in 2023 with their fourth studio record, Hotel Bleu.

Following up their last effort, 2020’s Into the Raging Sea, Broadside – vocalist Oliver Baxxter, guitarist Domenic Reid, and bassist Pat DIaz – captivated the hearts and ears of fans, old and new alike.

While the album as a whole is impressive, certain standout tracks fight their way to the front of the pack. Sonically, these tracks conjure feelings of youthful exuberance, combined with lyrics that range from hopelessness to optimism.

Stellar opening track “Stranger”, is an immediate burst of energy, powerful enough to grasp the attention of listeners. Oliver Baxxter’s vocals are buttery in all the right places – “Dazed & Confused” is a prime example. Lead single “Cruel” is a testament to Broadside’s creativity. The melody simultaneously imitates a hypnotic exhale that also packs punch.

The guest features on this record – The Home Team’s Brian Butcher, Magnolia Park’s Joshua Roberts, and Honey Revenge’s Devin Papadol – just make sense, each top contenders within the world of alternative-pop Rockstars on the rise.

Hotel Bleu, Broadside’s most ambitious and creative effort to date, is a substantial reminder of why we all signed up for this life – infinitely yet, gleefully tethered to the alternative music scene.


  1. Stranger
  2. Dazed & Confused
  3. Don’t Lose Faith
  4. Cruel (f. Brian Butcher)
  5. Bang (f. Joshua Roberts)
  6. How to Love, How to Lie
  7. Lucid (f. Devin Papadol)
  8. Feel Love
  9. One Last Time
  10. What Have I Done?
  11. Bleu


Fans can order Hotel Bleu here.

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