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Bronson Arm are a two-piece band from Kalamazoo, Michigan, who take an interesting approach to their noisy rock. Guitarist/vocalist Blake Bickel plays a baritone guitar, which gives their sound a rather otherworldly feel. It’s dark, ominous, and also in-your-face. It’s stripped down and spiky, like your favorite post hardcore band merged with quality noise rock. It’s a unique sound, one that serves them well on their debut full-length.

Bickel is joined by drummer Garrett Yates, and together they make a tension filled racket that will please fans of adventurous underground rock.

Album opener “Pleasure Brea” is a statement of purpose, showcasing what they do best. The guitar is noisy and atmospheric, enveloping you in dread, while the drums beat out off-kilter rhythms. “Hard Pass” slows it down a little bit and adds layers of feedback to the mix, while “Tedious Company” gets a little more aggressive with its quickened pace. “Drain The Coffers” and “Patsy Ultima” are short, sharp shocks of spiky guitar and battering drums. Even when they get more aggressive, they still maintain their darkened aura.

“One With The Floor” and “Rabbit Starvation” are quality slabs of noisy rock, which bring atmosphere and aggression in equal doses.

Bronson Arm’s self-titled debut is a unique mixture of sounds that manages to sound fresh and exciting. In a world full of copycats, Bickel and Yates are striking out on their own and creating music that will excite fans of adventurous underground rock. If I want to be lazy, I could list the bands people have compared them to, but that would sell them short. They own their sound. They are one of one.

So, if you enjoy the more adventurous sides of post-hardcore and noise rock, do yourself a favor and check out this album. You will be elated.

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