Album Review: Burak Ozmucur – “In Silence EP”

Burak Ozmucur
In Silence EP

Born in Istanbul, Turkey but now currently residing in New Jersey, Burak Ozmucur is a solo artist who is releasing music under his own name and drawing influences from bands like Alice in Chains, Pink Floyd, Tool, Deftones, and Porcupine Tree. The music is a mixture of styles, ranging from melodic/atmospheric rock, progressive, and ambient music. He recorded and released a few previous EPs, and in May 2013, he began to work on an EP inspired by atmospheric guitar tones and melodic driven leads and vocals. The three song EP, titled In Silence, was written, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Ozmucur.

You only get three songs to grab me and turn me into a fan, can this be done? The answer is yes, he can and did do it. The songs have the atmospheric sound, but the crunch of the metal is still there to give it an added push to grab a hold of you. The production has enough of a shine to it to give the songs a tight, clean sound, but doesn’t take the edginess away from them. You can hear his influences, but Ozmucur is talented enough to give the project his own sound and feel and that is certainly appreciated. I don’t have one favorite on here, I like all three equally and played them repeatedly. His playing is crisp, well done and shows the skill that he has at his disposal.

This is a great taste of what Ozmucur has in store for his fans and I’m glad to get a chance to hear him warming up because if this is the start, watch out for the blast off! Grab a copy and get in on the ground floor of a fantastic ride. (Rick Ecker)

Download In Silence EP here.

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