Album Review: Call of the Void – “Ageless”

Call of the Void
(Relapse Records)

Call of the Void crushed eardrums with 2013’s Dragged Down a Dead End Path. Surprisingly, they had no other releases and debuted on grind and death leviathan, Relapse Records. A few seconds of listening proved they deserved it. Slaying speakers, COTV have toured a silly amount and as this new album, Ageless, drops, they are hitting the road with Enabler (who themselves had a top ten album in 2014, La Fin Absolue Du Monde). Ageless finds Call of the Void, focused and angry and tight as my belt after a few pints.

If you never heard of Call of the Void, they play punishing, hyper-speed metal/hardcore/sludge/grind mix; as we love from bands like APMD, Nails, Baptists, The Secret, Dead in the Dirt. Almost every second of this album is played at grindcore speeds; blast beats aplenty. The difference, and the factor aiding them in being generic, is the looser, raw songwriting (and production approach). The hardcore spirit and execution helps songs like “R.I.S.” come across in its vicious form.

“Black Ice” follows that song with a sharp riff over mid-tempo drums that churn and pull. Headbangers will enjoy; but hardcore kids will feel that slight groove that will get the pit moving. Then as the song segues, it taps a Minor Threat stop and charge riff part that incites. COTV definitely play with time changes, and more intermission parts, as the disc moves. “I” sits in the middle to give listeners a little breather

The four and a half minute (fittingly as long as the opener, as this opens side B) “The Hive” crashes in mixing some hardcore swings, death metal ferocity, and tight black metal riffing. The drums pummel and feel restless, always looking to bang harder and faster. “Cold Hands” never slows, but rides a groove and pace that will get anyone stomping in the pit. Again, blurts of blast beats to two step pacing keeps this track perpetual and fresh. “Long Knives” also exhibits more variety in their songs than the first half of the album, leaving something for everyone.

Recording duties were with two icons of this crusty genre, Andy Patterson and Brad Boatright. Check their resumes for a list of metal titans. Each honed in on the voracious delivery and the raw sting of this band’s live energy. COTV has harvested experience and synergy from touring and gigging with bands like Ringworm (they killed in Boston to about twenty people when I saw them on snowy Tuesday last year), Eyehategod, Brutal Truth, and Today is the Day. COTV took lessons from these vets.

Ageless defines how gnarly and ugly and harsh music can be. Fusing elements of crust, grind, sludge and punk, Call of the Void have pressed another killer album. Avoiding any sophomore slump by continually touring and working their ass off, COTV have earned respect and attention. Also, seeing as this release coincides with Relapse’s 25th Anniversary, a limited edition of silver vinyl is available for this record. I say snag it while you can.

RIYL: Converge, From Ashes Rise, Haymaker, Crossed Out, Rotten Sound, Phobia, Trap Them, Napalm Death (Hutch)

Purchase Ageless here.

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