Album Review: Carpool – My Life In Subtitles


Rochester-based band Carpool is back with their newest album, My Life In Subtitles, via SideOneDummy Records. Fresh off their 2022 EP For Nasal Use Only, My Life In Subtitles has confirmed Carpool’s presence as a force in the scene. From the opening note, the album reveals itself as Carpool’s bold venture to push their musical boundaries, displaying intricate layers and articulate harmonizing that spotlight the band’s growth.

This album really takes listeners on a musical journey from beginning to end. Starting with the title track “My Life In Subtitles” as the opener, Carpool showcases a mix of musicality while also accentuating their signature aggressive yet fun style. From there, songs like “Can We Just Get High?” and “Open Container Blues” touch on candid lyricism led by fierce riffs and driving percussion.

The album continues on as Carpool starts to navigate through new sonic landscapes in songs such as “Crocodile Tears” and “Kid Icarus,” demonstrating their versatility as a band. As they maintain an emotional resonance that sticks with you long after the songs end, they also exhibit a musical prowess that solidifies My Life In Subtitles as their most ambitious and accomplished work to date.

“We’re starting to write for ourselves and we’re also writing songs that we would want to hear,” explains guitarist and vocalist Chris “Stoph” Colasanto of the album. “The way I like to listen to music is to put on an album and listen to it from start to finish. I like albums that take my on a journey and that show me what those songwriters were feeling while making you feel the same way.”

My Life In Subtitles is a great listen that everyone should check out. It’s a true testament to Carpool’s willingness to explore new creative territories, push boundaries, and create a listening experience that’s sure to be loved by fans new and old.

My Life In Subtitles is available to stream and purchase here. Follow Carpool on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for further updates.

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