Album Review: Casket Robbery – Death Rituals


Casket Robbery are, to put it simply, brutally heavy. All aspects of the band hang a rung or two above most of their peers when it comes to the ferocity of their playing. Rituals of Death is a much-welcomed kick to the face.

The bass drum work of Brett Oemig is a dark-horse highlight of the album. It’s pretty constant throughout the record and pulsates through the speakers. I can almost feel it pounding through my chest as if I were watching a live performance. That is a testament to Oemig’s skill and also the production work of Troy Powell. Sean Smith, Greg Mueller, and John Gensmer worked together to write and arrange the drum parts Oemig performed This unique approach paid dividends for Casket Robbery. The rhythm section with Bryan Bykowski on bass are flat out impressive.

Troy Powell and Cory Scheider make for a killer guitar team. The riffs are all intense and heavy. The breakdowns kill, but there is an unmistakable groove to the riffs they create. They are fast and precise with their playing. They shred hard and throw in musical snippets here and there to give them a little extra dressing. The solos are also insanely strong. Themes involve all things horror and macabre.

Megan Orvold-Scheider has an incredibly powerful voice. Her growl is at the center of high and low pitch. Every word is screamed with intensity. Her energy leads the way for Casket Robbery. They match everything she gives. The lyrics are dark and well-crafted.

Casket Robbery take death metal and add groove and even heavier breakdowns. The band have an eerie aura to them. While not a black metal band, their music gives off that vibe. There are some spooky parts in the form of chimes, whispers, and guitar tones. Rituals of Death will get the blood flowing.

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