Album Review – Charity Kill – Garden of Earthly Horrors EP


CHARITY KILL, the newest project from musician Ashley Dalle (ex-Wax Girls, ex-Trash Music), is a rollercoaster ride of vast emotional landscape. While relatively unknown, CHARITY KILL, described as “electronic low-key darkwave”, takes listeners through a haunting journey of various experimental sounds on their 2023 EP, Garden of Earthly Horrors.

Consisting of seven tracks in total, Garden of Earthly Horrors, as a whole, is meant to be a unique immersive adventure. “Orchid”, the lead track from Garden of Earthly Horrors, teeters on a hallucinatory loop, giving audiences a brief taste of what they can expect of CHARITY KILL. While some could call Garden of Earthly Horrors a mesmeric listening experience, comparatively being linked to “science projects connecting mushrooms to electrodes”, others could misunderstand the message exuding from the final product.

When speaking of the EP, Dalle remarked, “[the EP] was born out of a desire to create a conceptualized piece of artwork, thematically linking existential horror to the beauty of nature and its systematic destruction by capitalist forces.”

Garden of Earthly Horrors was digitally released on August 18th, and is available to stream or purchase on bandcamp.

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