Album review: Chris Farren – Doom Singer


Self-deprecatory and sincere, Chris Farren returns with his newest album Doom Singer. His last record Death Don’t Wait (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)—released in 2022—served as the soundtrack for a spy thriller that was so “top-secret” it never existed. Before that, of course, Farren released Born Hot back in 2019. So, Doom Singer marks his first major vocal release in four years. 

The record opens with “Bluish.” Leaning into his indie influences, Farren candidly sings of love and loss. The best part of the song, however, occurs during the second verse as a chromatic-like guitar scale accompanies Farren‘s vocals.

Following, “All We Ever” speaks to the desires and dreams we want but cannot have. Contrastingly, “Get Over You” sounds like it was made for the soundtrack of an early 2000’s rom-com, capturing the worry of never being able to move on from someone. 

There’s something familiar about “Only U”—and also the rest of the album. Right when you think you’ve captured this elusive thought, it evades you once more. A love song through and through, Farren sings, “Only you can get me through this life.” 

Title track “Doom Singer” rings true as one of the standouts of the record. Relatable to a tee, Farren sings about how hard it is to live with mental health issues. Perhaps the best example  of this is when Farren speaks about “Practicing my happy face in my room.”

Next up is “First Place.” Magnetic saxophones serenade listeners on this highly ambitious song. The gamble pays off immensely, and the result is the most thematic song on the record. 

“Cosmic Leash” features perhaps the most devastating lyrics on the entire record. Farren sings, “You are just a footnote in a long book that I know I’ll never read.” “Cosmic Leash” helps bring this stunning album to a close. 

Doom Singer juxtaposes its morose lyrical content with upbeat instrumentals, and it just might be his best record to date. 

Doom Singer can now be streamed on bandcamp

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