Album Review: Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! – “Get Lost, Find Yourself”

Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!
Get Lost, Find Yourself
(Fearless Records)

French pop punk/easycore act Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! is back with their third full length Get Lost, Find Yourself, via Fearless Records. The new record displays significant growth in the band’s songwriting both lyrically and musically. However, that’s not to say that it’s a departure from 2013’s Pardon My French, and 2011’s Something For Nothing. Fans will still find the fusion of infectiously catchy hooks and bouncy breakdowns that Chunk are known for. In fact these elements are wielded more sensibly if anything, and woven into songs with transitions from light to heavy that feel more natural and less forced than on past records. Lyrically, there are still some of those awkwardly-worded moments that fans found so endearing on Something For Nothing, just less of them. If anything they’re kind of a signature of Chunk’s sound, it would feel weird if those lines of slightly-broken English weren’t there.

The best example of the band’s growth on Get Lost, Find Yourself is the track “The Other Line.” The song starts out with vocalist Bertrand Poncet accompanied by guitar only, building up until the other instruments kick in to create a driving melodic soundscape that is just so damn catchy, at one point punctuated by a brief breakdown with Poncet’s guttural vocals, followed by more catchy melodic bits with gang vocals. All of this seems to flow together with less of the “we wanted a breakdown so we stuck one here,” formulaic approach that was maybe more evident on their previous records. This is a good thing. There are plenty of bands still stuck on that mode of songwriting (cough, Rise Records). Other highlights of the album include “Set It Straight,” “Pull You Under,” and “Every Moment,” as well as the acoustic title track. If you’re a fan of Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!, you’ll probably enjoy Get Lost, Find Yourself. While it does showcase some real development in the band’s sound, it’s not delving into any new territory, nor is it pushing the boundaries of easycore or pop punk by any means. But if you want a catchy, feel-good album to blast in your car with your windows down this summer, look no further! (Nathan Katsiaficas)

Purchase Get Lost, Find Yourself here.

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