Album Review: Clowns – ENDLESS


Clowns are back with “ENDLESS,” their fifth album and follow-up to their 2019 record “Nature/Nurture.” This reviewer was excited to see what they had in store for us this time. The Aussie five-piece, formed in 2009, have gone from strength to strength during their 15-year run.

“ENDLESS” starts with a nice 25-second piano piece before taking us to “FORMYLDIAHYDE.” It brings us down a hardcore, fast-paced road, with Stevie Williams, lead vocals, and Hannah Tilbrook, guitar and backing vocals, giving room for each other to shine throughout the song. “THANKS 4 NOTHING” slows the pace and offers a more pop-punk and indie-punk sound, with Hannah singing “We’re going nowhere” and demanding your full attention for 3 minutes and 39 seconds.

“BISEXUAL AWAKENING,” the second single of the album, picks up the pace once more and takes us all back to Clowns’ early days with the hardcore punk. “DEATH WISH” sounds like 80s metal, with Williams screaming before we get catchy headbanging moments during the chorus. Closer “A WIDOW’S SON,” an eight-minute experimental layered piece featuring the Australian true crime podcast Casefiles with music in the background. It feels a bit misplaced on the album. But for once, you get to rock out while listening to true crime. That’s not bad. 

Clowns are back, and their heavy sound blended with their hardcore punk has paid off. ENDLESS is undoubtedly the beginning of a new chapter that they have worked their butts off to finesse. Tilbrook and Williams splitting the vocals on this album is a direction that will pay off if they continue working together like they have done on ENDLESS. But what can I say? Australians will always make the best punk music, and Clowns have set the bar for future releases.

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