Album Review: Cold Cave – “Full Cold Moon”

Cold Cave
Full Cold Moon
(Deathwish Inc.)

Cold Cave, the name artist Wesley Eisold writes electronic music under, keeps synth-pop in the airwaves with the release of Full Cold Moon.

The album starts off with the track “A Little Death to Laugh,” setting the tone for the rest of the album, staying pretty consistent to the synthesizer driven music with vocals in the mix. However, tracks such as “Tristan Corbiére,” are strictly instrumental. The vocals quickly come back into the album with the track “Oceans With No End.”

The music on the album is very uplifting and soothing. A handful of artists have tried exploring similar sounds to what Cold Cave delivers, however, no contemporary artist has yet to deliver such a purely synth driven sound that nods to an earlier generation of electronic music quite like Cold Cave. The music is not too rapid nor does it feel like it is dragging. Each song seems to fall at the perfect tempo for the electronic genre while also carrying a consistent pulse.

The album wraps up nicely with the track “Beaten 1979,” a reminiscent sound that seems to have been strongly influenced by Depeche Mode’s “Master and Servant.”

Cold Cave delivers an evocative sound on Full Moon Circle that any fan of electronic music will definitely enjoy. Another phenomenal release from artist Wesley Eisold. (Matthew Saunders)

Purchase Full Cold Moon here.

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