Album Review: Conquer Divide – Slow Burn


Conquer Divide have officially made their return with “Slow Burn.” The album is an electrifying piece of work that is sure to satisfy rock fans of all genres.

The band come on strong right from the start with “Atonement” before really giving you a sense of what to expect from the album with “N E W H E A V E N” and “Paralyzed.” The latter tracks find the group mixing uncompromising hard rock and metalcore with pop sensibilities to create catchy music that you can’t help but jam to.

As one moves further through the record, they will continue to find bangers such as “welcome2paradise,” which brings out more of the heavier elements in the band’s sound, and “PRESSURE,” which brings in more crossover elements, while still retaining a rock flair. From there, things kick up even further with the relentless “system_failure” and the infectious “playing w fire.”

This trend continues with the hooky nature of “Over It,” before going batshit crazy on “Afterthought.wav.” The latter completely crushes your skull before “the INVISIBLE” brings back a rock vibe full of compelling lyrics.

As things start to wind down, the group still manage to keep things interesting with the rockin’ “wide awake,” the multifaceted “OnlyGirl,” and the anthemic “gAtEkEePer.” These three tracks bring the record to a close, while leaving you hungry for more.

All in all, “Slow Burn” is a captivating record that will keep you entertained the whole way through. Fans can still preorder a copy of the record before it’s officially released tomorrow (September 8).

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