Album Review: Cough Drop Acid – Yesterday’s Trash


Across the entire nation, the lifeblood of American music is born out of garages, backyards, and warehouse shows. This rejection of commercialism is commonly associated with hardcore punk and extreme metal, but bands such as San Francisco indie rockers Cough Drop Acid show us how even pop and folk-tinged music can thrive therein.

What is most striking to me about their upcoming EP Yesterday’s Trash is that, while being a full band album, it is devoid of the extensive riffage and soloing that is so common in modern indie music. For the most part, the guitar parts on this album are either straight chords or twinkly arpeggios in the background with the brunt of the melodic and movement coming from either the vocals or the bass which at times move together in harmony. Ultimately, I believe that this works in the band’s favor.

The album opener “Bad Habit” is some sort of cross between the pop ecstasy of bands like Big Star crossed with the sparse delicate composition of earlier Radiohead, highlighted by rumbly thumpy bass and the following track “Car Racer” verges on old school post-hardcore à la Shudder to Think. The band are tight, and the lyrical intention is honest. However, the band’s folk tendencies become far more apparent in the acoustic guitar of the title track and the bare boned guitar and piano closer “Caught Up.”

Overall, Yesterday’s Trash is a singer-songwriter album performed with a full band and splashed with a bit of fuzz and reverb. The arrangement is tight, and the lyrics are honest. The DIY ethic of the band continues, and we can likely look forward to what is to come.

Yesterday’s Trash is available here on Urban Scandal Records.

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