Album Review: Crazy & The Brains – “Good Lord”

Crazy & The Brains
Good Lord
(Baldy Longhair Records)

The guys that make up Crazy & The Brains seem to have this bizarre notion that punk rock can be fun; the gall!

Good Lord, the band’s follow up their fantastic debut, is six songs of Ramones/Dead Milkmen-style goofy, but great punk rock with liberal use of the xylophone. The only downside to this effort is that it clocks in at a way too quick six songs, with most tunes hovering around the two-minute mark. While it’s hard to pick the stand out track here, lyrically, “A Vampire Weekend” is the verbal beat down that indie band has been asking for since day one.

Thanks to groups like Crazy & The Brains and Masked Intruder, the genre can once again replace that sneer with a legitimate smile and prove that punk rock humor is so much more than Blink 182 dick jokes masquerading as music. (John B. Moore)

Purchase Good Lord here.

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