Album Review: Creeping Death – Boundless Domain

True to their Texan form, Creeping Death sound more than big—try absolutely huge—on the sophomore full-length, Boundless Domain. One of the main culprits behind the album’s monstrous sonic weight is the producer, Killswitch Engage’s Adam Dutkiewicz, who’s enlarged other notable bands including As I Lay Dying and The Acacia Strain. He evidently found a way to make the menacing death metal beast that is Creeping Death stomp even harder than their debut.

The title track opens the bludgeoning with an ominous clean guitar doom intro that trounces the spirit once the entire band joins in. The quintet establishes their touted old/new school death metal hybrid distinction quickly and especially via the song’s tail end, which brandishes a tremolo and hammer-on breakdown, leading into a noise section reminiscent of a spaceship.

Homage is paid to their classic death metal influences in “Intestinal Wrap,” as Cannibal Corpse-style imperial grooves provide a proper platform for guest vocalist George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher. This banger also includes a rockin’ gore-grind guitar lead, nodding to Euro-death pioneers.

“Vitrified Earth,” an apocalyptic rager with an ultra-violent music video, unnerves souls via a chorus featuring haunting, long-winded serpentine vocals. On that note, lead singer Reese Alavi continues to come into form on the release, lashing out with growls, enunciating syllables with malice, and spewing well-placed fills.

The most melodic song of the bunch is “Creators Turned Into Prey.” It’s the groove starting in the bridge that generates urgency via its minor-chord melody. After it ups in tempo, the mood is further enhanced when a stirring guitar lead is slapped over it. The best of both worlds is represented in “Remnants of the Old Gods,” whose nefarious doom beginning portion eventually gives way to a speedy, thrashy triplet riff.

“The Common Breed” closes out the album with good ol’ Southern brutality. A trippy drum intro warbles through flanger effect and then ushers in the throwdown. One devastating groove after another commences while a damning guitar lead fights its way into the fray. There’s plenty of room for brutality in Boundless Domain. Let Creeping Death offer their Southern hospitality by snatching the record when it releases on June 16th via MNRK Heavy.

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