Album Review: Crime In Stereo – House and Trance


Politically charged, melodic in execution, and lyrically piercing, Crime In Stereo are back from their hibernation, coming in hot with their first album in over 13 years, House & Trance. The new album picks up right where Crime In Stereo left off with I Was Trying To Describe You To Someone, living somewhere between melodic hardcore and experimental punk. Pipe bomb energy flows through this album, exploding in the listeners face, leaving shrapnel of lyrics and instrumentals in its wake. You don’t want to sleep on this album.

I will be honest; this review is incredibly biased. I have been a huge Crime In Stereo fan for years, and think they’re very underrated when talking about the melodic hardcore genre. They’re doing stuff no other band is doing. And if other bands are doing it, they are not doing it as well as Crime In Stereo have been doing it for years. Once you listen to House & Trance, you’ll understand.

Bouncing between personal and socially conscious lyrics, House & Trance leads a poetic trail of choruses and verses on every track. Whether talking about religious, right-wing fanatics on “Books Cannot Be Killed By Fire” or analyzing the human condition in the face of impending doom on “Hypernormalisation,” Crime in Stereo’s lyrics are some of the most creative and scathingly honest the punk scene has to offer.

Instrumentally, House & Trance is a vicious delivery of punk that hits the mark every time. The title track, “House & Trance,” is my favorite song on the entire album. It has the best instrumentals and vocals on the entire record, creating a less harsh but frantic delivery. This track is bound to get you moving. It just flows so perfectly. If you are looking to check out any song on this album, let it be this one.

House & Trance just makes sense as the next step in Crime In Stereo’s musical journey. The melodic hardcore quintet have outdone themselves again, creating music to not only get you moving, but thinking. This album is the perfect soundtrack to navigating the hellscape that lays outside of everyone’s doors. Every track is executed perfectly the only way Crime In Stereo knows how to do. Give it a listen; you won’t regret it.

Check out House & Trance when it drops on October 27 via Pure Noise Records!

Check it out here.

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