Album Review: Cross Control – Try to Survive


Cross Control know the hardcore songwriting formula and they stick to that wheel. They don’t deviate in any way, which gives this EP a familiar feel. Try and Survive isn’t groundbreaking in the least, but it doesn’t want or need to be. The songs are instantly memorable while bringing a feeling of nostalgia.

Cross Control is pretty heavy and aggressive. They take influence from all traditional hardcore styles, which is clear while listening to Try and Survive. Similar bands that come to mind are Slapshot, Judge, and Terror, which puts the band in good company.

Cross Control does speed things up at times, but they mostly stick to mid-tempo beats. Everything they play is pounding and intense. The breakdowns are played only slightly heavier than other parts, but they hit with such a wave of profound anger that it feels heavier. I would expect their mosh pits to be insane.

The band doesn’t shy away from sing-alongs. Vocalist Vince Averill writes some vocal hooks that are unforgettable and hard not to at least lip-synch during those parts. He sings with fire and anger, matching the energy of the band.  Get used to having “That’s just a number I read” stuck in your head for days.

Cross Control sounds much more experienced than a band making just their second release. The musicianship of guitarist Mike Avila, bassist Carlos Torres, and drummer Martin Alcedo makes it sound as if the members have been playing for decades. They play off of each other really well, with each member taking a time to shine. The band is extremely tight. Everything is arranged with such precision, and they’re not afraid to take risks. Props to any (hardcore) band that can pull off a drum solo in a song without sounding incredibly out of place.

Try and Survive is a really strong release that gets better with new listens. They don’t try to be anything more than a hardcore band. What they do instead is stand out from their hundreds of peers with their songs.


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