Album Review: Danny Goo – Butterflies


On Butterflies, Danny Goo’s style can best be described as what it would sound like if Hot Water Music had Jimmy Eat World’s pop sensibilities. It has some hard rocking guitars but that’s tempered by the slickly produced pop elements. The drums sound distinctly Travis Barker-influenced, creating a dynamic and furious rhythmic backbone.

“Heart Attack” hits hard with its driving drumbeat and emo-pop chorus. “Cut My Hair” is the album’s most straightforward, pop-punk song with a strong similarity to Neighborhoods era Blink-182. The complex beat on the title track does an excellent job of underscoring the song’s simple but memorable chorus.

Danny Goo might not be your cup of tea if you like rougher production, but if you love polished pop-punk then this EP should be right up your alley. It’s a quality pop-punk EP that’s very heavy on the pop.

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