Album Review: Dave Hause – Drive It Like It’s Stolen


Weaving together introspective lyrics, heartland rock, and a punk attitude, Dave Hause is back to deliver another collection of songs that read like a diary on Drive It Like It’s Stolen. The new album is a gut punch of sincerity, mending together Americana and punk rock into a neat little package. You won’t want to miss this release from the Philadelphia-born musician.

Each track on Drive It Like It’s Stolen has traces of Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty in every decibel that is pumped through the speakers. From the instrumentals that wash over you like a cool summer night to the lyrics that seem to be written by someone looking into a well of memories, this album hits just right. Dave Hause wears his heart on his sleeve throughout Drive It Like It’s Stolen, creating American lore from his own life and giving the remnants to the listeners in a gift box.

Tracks like “Damn Personal” and “The Vulture” deliver that punk feel in Americana clothing. They are some of my favorite songs on Drive It Like It’s Stolen, delivering fantastic songwriting and production. Softer songs such as “chainsaweyes” and “Low” showcase a different side of the musician. Ballads that teeter on the edge of country rock are the best way to describe them, but god damn does Dave Hause know how to knock it out of the park.

Dave Hause has been steadily growing as an artist and a musician, from his early days cutting his teeth in the punk bands The Loved Ones and The Falcon to now, crafting beautiful melodies that hold a world’s worth of weight with poetic lyricism. Drive It Like It’s Stolen is an emblem of growth, trying to capture a past that has fleeted but the memories stay. It’s a fantastic album that is worth a listen. You won’t regret it.

Be sure to check out Drive It Like It’s Stolen when it drops on April 28 via Blood Harmony Records.

Check it out here.

Photo Credit: Jesse DeFlorio

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