Album Review: Dead Poet Society – FISSION


January has a special gift for us all. Dead Poet Society dropped their second album, going into 2024 with a bang! Dead Poet Society created their own sound with a decade of dedication and writing. This new album has a whole new leveling up; more powerful and edgier than before. They took their time while experiencing life, which influenced their new album, FISSION, immensely.

The new album dropped January 26. It reveals so much in which these four members have worked hard to create and execute with refinement in music artistry. FISSION culminates their every emotion, with such riveting sound and lyrical content. Frontman Jack Underkofler explains that life and leaving the person you were, “Can be difficult to wrestle with. There is a positive to it, but it is birthed through a lot of pain.”

This second album has a fusion of extremely intense lyrical content and catchy riffs leaving us wanting more. Its’ powerful soundscape is hardened and sad, but also comes with strength and anger engaging the listener throughout the whole album.

The album starts out with “52945,” complete with super eclectic sounds beating and charging up, strong lyrics, and grinding guitars swirling like a storm. The second track, “Running in Circles,” takes the listener to another level with conviction and pain.  “Hurt” is hard and edgy with flows of singing and storytelling. “How Could I Love You”  is possibly an interpretation of the karma effect in life. “Love can hurt” reminds us of a painful message. All the songs on this album have meaning behind them. The last song, “Black and Gold,” has a sort of haunting sound with massive melody, hard bass, and drums leaving their mark for this album.

FISSION is an album with tons of melody and hard and deep lyrical content for the music lovers out there that are needing something real and authentic. The band stated their vision for this album: “We hone in on a feeling rather than a sound.”

Dead Poet Society are currently touring extensively, so be sure to catch them if you can.

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