Album Review: Dead Tired – Satan Will Follow You Home

Dead Tired have been going at it for quite a few years now and have established a chaotic brand of hardcore punk in that time. With their newest release, they do away with that chaos and attempt to reign in their frenetic anger into a caustic and overall bursting release.

While before their sound seemed to be based in speed and ferocity, from the opening track on this new album, you get the impression the band is coming with a bit more control. “Predatory Loans” begins with some charging guitar licks before the drum and bass kick the song into a steady gallop. Building the bands rage as vocalist George Pettit rip apart the egregious ways society prey’s on the weak and unfortunate.

The band have always utilized speed and ferocity in their attack on society and just people that seem to piss them off but on this album the band slows the tempos and brings out sludge metal influences. These sludgier moments narrow the crosshairs in their biting critiques on society and make their sound into a more caustic and slow burning attack.

The track “SWFYH” is a particular example of this burning fury the band is bringing on this record. Through the droning guitar chords and pummeling drums, the band build up their rage into a nuclear bomb, making for brief-yet-violent bursts of energy. It shows a growth in the band’s sound: Whereas before they were more erratic in their anger, they’ve made the bullets a bit more piercing.

The band havn’t lost their erratic energy, however, which shines through on tracks like “New World Pigs.” The shrieking vocals of Pettit rise high above the galloping rhythms built up by the band, just like old times.

While some of the slower tracks may turn off many listeners who were looking for the bands frantic brand of hardcore, the band show substantial growth and maturity on this record. No doubt Dead Tired are a skilled band, but here they sound like they are realizing their true potential.

Dead Tired’s Satan Will Follow You Home is out now through New Damage Records and available for purchase here.

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