Album Review: New Deadline – “Remember”

New Deadline
(Redfield Digital)

Like a cross between Rise Against and Polar Bear Club, Finland’s New Deadline has the potential in becoming one of their country’s leading post-hardcore acts (and a contender in the American scene, for that matter) with Remember. The album features a variety of influences, all of which are crafted wonderfully. The opening track alone, “Dust & Fire,” takes on several faces in its run, and the band doesn’t stop there. “Rodeo” plays like a call-to-arms, “Abraham” moves smoothly and melodically from start to finish, and “Into the Deep End” blends punk and rock with dynamic ease. And that only highlights the first half of the record. In its second phase, beginning with the quiet and moving “Undecide”, Remember continues to surprise our expectations. “Fear” reaches for the stars in its chorus, “Obsidian” is hard-hitting and powerful, and “Hurricane” closes the record with a diversely memorable track of struggle. New Deadline will certainly make a name for themselves in America with Remember; it’s not only a fantastic introduction to the band, but a contagiously enjoyable record to boot. (Nathaniel Lay)

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