Album Review: Death Earth Politics – “Men Become Gods”

Dead Earth Politics
Men Become Gods

Texas power-thrashers Dead Earth Politics are back with another EP and it’s a little bit different than their last effort, The Queen Of Steel. The Iced Earth elements are still there, as well as the multitudinous amounts of prog, but the whole experience is a whole lot heavier and feels stronger than ever before. This might sound crazy, but the only reason I’m giving this a four instead of a perfect five is because at this point, it seems like these guys are ready to make a real full-fledged full-length album. The Queen Of Steel already cemented their potential and Men Become Gods only continues to push that potential further. To be brutally honest, Dead Earth Politics could be one of the biggest power thrash acts in the planet in the next few years, and with a performance like this, it’s insane to think that not one major label has experienced interest in them yet. So all label representatives and agents reading this review should really take notice of the amount of skill, talent and marketability here. It feels like I’m only hearing a quarter of a great album, one that I would spin for days on end, just like I did with Iced Earth’s Something Wicked and Horror Show. These guys really are that good and they have the potential to cement themselves as this generation’s power thrash gods if they keep putting out such memorable material like this. In all of the structure, melody and ass-kickery unleashed inside of this beast, the saddest part is when highlight “Ice & Fire” rolls into the closer “Crimson Dichotomy” and the album ends abruptly. There are very few words that I can use to describe the performance here, which is going to bust your head open like an oncoming fist of herculean might. As you keep listening, it’ll just keep getting better as you start salivating and yearning for more. I’ve never been more satisfied with an EP release in this genre than I have here, even Iced Earth’s EP’s have paled in comparison to the progression meets high energy intensity that is Dead Earth Politics. That being said, I feel as though I’m only hearing a mere sliver of something that’s going to blow my mind into oblivion and I can’t wait to hear more from them in the future. It’s time to make that full-length, gentlemen, and to finally show the entire world how five extremely talented men have truly become gods.
(Eric May)

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