Album Review: Dethklok – Dethalbum IV


The best melodic death metal band in the world, Dethklok, are back with their newest album Dethalbum IV. This portrayal of decimation is a minefield of brutal guitar riffs, breakneck drumming, and vocals that will make the faintest of hearts keel over and burst open. Known for being a campy show on Adult Swim, the music follows suite, yet has a seriousness to it that only Dethklok can do. Get your studded vest on, and prepare to meet your maker because this album will destroy you.

The mastermind behind Dethklok, Brendon Small, is a master of death metal songwriting. Joined by the legendary Gene Hoglan on drums, they make a killer team in crafting songs that will melt your face off and eat the insides. How they are able to create these epic songs that are technical, brutal, and all-around fun to listen to is astounding. Every track on Dethalbum IV is a powerhouse of destruction, mowing down everything in front of them.

Dethalbum IV has some of my favorite drumming in death metal, specifically on “Mutilation on a Saturday Night.” Waves of skillful drumming that back a macabre opera of instruments and vocals really complete the song into what it is. Other songs such as “Horse of Fire” and “SOS” bring that same destructive energy that Dethklok is known for.

Dethalbum IV is a fantastic death metal album. Despite Dethklok being an animated band, the music is very real, delivering that scratch to itch the need for good metal. It is a powerhouse of an album, brutalizing the listener as torrents of sound infest your headphones. Do yourself a favor, and check this album out. It’s really fucking good. 

Be sure to check out Dethalbum IV, out now via WaterTower Music. And see them with BABYMETAL on the BABYKLOK Tour.

Check it out here.

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